Feeds - Bond Prices
Bilav offers end-of-day Bond pricing service providing pricing data for different pricing source of Bombay stock exchange, National stock exchange, FIMMDA and Reserve Bank of India’s negotiated dealing system.

Data elements include open, high, low, close, weighted average price, weighted average yield, traded volume & value, number of transactions…
Our Pricing data provides value added fields like ISIN, cross mapping of BSE code and NSE symbol, Issuer, security description, maturity date, residual maturity date and thinly traded information.

Bilav collates pricing data from several pricing & exchanges sources having various market segments within the exchanges i.e. retail and wholesale segment. All these sources provide data in non-standardise format.

Bilav scrubs the data with its own security master reference data to provide a standardise fixed income price feed across all pricing source which can be easily automated and fed into 3rd party software.