TRAKKER a multi-user tool that keeps you abreast of latest dividend, bonus, rights, subdivision and other corporate actions. You name it, TRAKKER has it. This user-friendly tool offers non-price and price information for shares, debentures, warrants etc. at your fingertips.

    TRAKSO enables users to efficiently calculate figure to comply with the investment limits specified by various regulatory authorities for their portfolio holdings.

    TRAKGM provides information on shareholders meetings like AGM, EGM, CGM and Postal Ballot with the meetings Agenda (Notice) well in advance so that investors can decide to vote in favour or against the various agenda of the meeting.

    TRAKDIV, is a very user friendly & multi-user application tool providing compliance data. It helps users in effective monitoring and complying with the regulatory guidelines.

    TRAKBOND, is the most comprehensive database that includes prices and securities administration data of all fixed income securities issued in India. It includes both listed and unlisted debt securities issued by Government, Corporates and Supranationals.

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