TRAKBOND - Bringing transparency to bond market in India
TRAKBOND gives reliable and in-depth information on Indian Fixed Income securities reference data, credit ratings, traded prices, corporate actions. It has comprehensive coverage of Indian corporate & government bonds, money market instruments & much more.

TRAKBOND is a useful tool for fixed income traders, mid-office and back-office staff. It's portfolio feature helps users to track any upcoming events on the security present in the portfolio. It is a server based multi-user application with no restriction on the number of users connected to a server.

TRAKBOND aims to provide accurate, timely and reliable information for fixed income securities at your fingertips.

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  • Over 10,000 fixed income securities issued by government, corporates and supranationals.
  • Bonds, Debentures, G-sec, T-bills, Commercial Papers and Certificate of deposits.
  • Detailed security reference data with over 300 fields.
  • Variety of Fixed Income coupon classifications ranging from Zero Coupon to Fixed Coupon to Floaters to Steps.
  • First time Credit ratings and their changes from Six rating agencies.
  • Call/Put option schedules.
  • Redemption and Conversion schedules.
  • Listing details.
  • Consolidated price data for multiple exchanges/trading platforms like BSE, NSE, FIMMDA and RBI.
  • Floating rate benchmark rates like MIBID, MIBOR and INBMK.
Trakbond Screens Trakbond Screens

Trakbond Screens Trakbond Screens
  • India’s first comprehensive Fixed Income Terms and Conditions repository at your fingertips.
  • Provides information on listed, unlisted and money market instruments.
  • Data updates are couple of clicks away with built-in update feature.
  • Multiple data updates in a day.
  • Portfolio feature to keep track of chosen securities in the portfolio.
  • Facility to upload portfolio.
  • Expected cash flow alerts for portfolio like interest, redemption & conversion.
  • Powerful Query tool to search for debt instruments based on certain characteristics of the debt instrument.
  • Customisable Export of Terms & Conditions for securities in a Portfolio.
  • Identification of Thinly Traded securities.
Trakbond Screens Trakbond Screens

Trakbond Screens Trakbond Screens
  • Rating changes.
  • Expected events like Interest, Redemption and Conversion.
  • Customised output for security reference data for a portfolio.
  • Historic prices.
  • New issue and New listing information.
  • Classification of listed/unlisted bonds.
  • Reports at global & portfolio level.
Trakbond Screens Trakbond Screens

Trakbond Screens Trakbond Screens