TRAKSO - Investment Limit Monitoring tool
India’s only service providing listed capital & daily updates to capital changes. TRAKSO helps in monitoring & administration of portfolio investment limits in companies specified by regulators.

TRAKSO provides information regarding number ISSUED & LISTED Shares on BSE for companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Portfolio feature of TRAKSO keeps track of breach in ceiling of investment limit for multiple portfolios.

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  • Listed shares in issue and listed capital on BSE
  • Tracks daily changes in listed shares owing to:
    • Face value changes on account of Subdivision, Consolidation and Capital Reduction.
    • Corporate actions like Merger, De-merger & Buyback.
    • ESOP’s, Debenture Conversion, Warrant Exchanges FCB Conversion, etc.
  • Daily updates for shares in issue.
  • Historic data for 3 years.
  • Portfolio upload facility.
  • Portfolio feature to track of chosen securities in the portfolio breaching the investment threshold limit.
  • Daily changes.
  • Changes in listed shares for portfolio.
  • Historic listed shares outstanding changes for a company.